Students Taking Exams


Discovery and Learning

For each course there will be assignments and an exam. The assignments and exams will be graded, and a cumulative grade will be given for each course.

The assignments are chosen to make you, as a student, reflect about important terms in the curriculum, and draw your own, valid conclusions.

There will be at least 1 assignment per week of your study. In the normal mode of the Vision MBA and Vision DBA, you will have a maximum of 8 weeks per course.

In the accelerated Vision MBA and  accelerated Vision DBA, you will have a maximum completion time of 6 weeks, and a minimum completion time of 4 weeks.

Before the end of each week (the start-date of your course will be mailed you), you will have to send the assignments to the University for grading.

The assignments will have to be delivered in APA format, 6th edition. Each assignment should have an abstract, keywords, introduction, main part, and a conclusion. There will be a minimum page limit for each assignment, but not a maximum page limit.

When you have finished all mandatory assignments for a course, the exam will be mailed to you. You have 2 days to complete the exam. The exam is mailed back to the University for grading.