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In order to get accepted to the Vision MBA, you will need to have a valid Bachelor degree. In order to get accepted to the Vision DBA, you will need to have a valid Master degree.

The steps in the Admission Process are as follows:

1. Send a copy of your existing degree - from a valid e-mail - to, with a specification of the degree you want to pursue.

Please note: There are two options. Either the degree will have to be sent from the University from which you obtained it, OR your degree will need to be certified ("Right copy") by a legalized authority

2. After acceptance of your existing degree, an admission contract will be mailed to you 

3. You return the admission contract with the necessary details, including the date you want to start your degree

4. Before your starting date you will have to pay for your degree using the shop function at this site. You can pay by credit card, or through PayPal.


The Information You Need

The tuition structure of the Vision MBA and Vision DBA is straightforward. The cost is USD 3500 for each degree. The degrees can be paid through installments as you go (1 installment per course). If you choose this option, an administration fee of USD 100 will have to be paid together with the installment for the first course. The amount for each installment is the total cost divided by the number of courses. There are no subsidies.

When you graduate, there is a graduation fee of USD 200 to prepare your transcript, diploma, and to cover shipping.

There is an admission fee of USD 50.

We want your degree to be valuable, but at the same time not ruining you. Therefore we do not require that you use the latest version of the required textbooks. Knowledge is valuable and is still relevant decades after it is established. Requiring students to always purchase the newest edition, with minor changes, is good business for the publishers, but is not good business for the student. We recommend an edition of the textbook when you are enrolling in a course, but we are open to discuss other editions.


How We Help

It is possible to get transfer of previous credits for up to 4 courses on the Vision MBA, and for 4 courses on the Vision DBA. In such cases, the courses which you want to transfer must be of Master level for the Vision MBA, and of Doctorate level for the Vision DBA. The cost for transfer is 100 USD per course. If you want to transfer any courses, you will have to enclose your relevant transcripts, and state in a mail to that you want the school to consider possible transfer credits.

Official transcripts will have to be mailed from the college/university where you graduated. We will evaluate your transcripts, and inform you if a transfer of credits is possible, and which courses can be substituted.


Your Gateway to Learning

After enrollment in the school, you will have to notify the University – by mail – when you want to start your next course, and the name of the course. The University will enroll you in the particular course, and mail a starting date back to you.

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